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Raven Tree Works

Viking I

Viking I

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Viking I

This Viking inspired art door is reminiscent of a rough wood plank door, thatched with leather and hammered copper nails. It's hinged with 'aged' iron and hosts a brass door pull.   A Vegvisir the runic compass, the symbol of protection and guidance is inlaid into the back side of the door. The double-headed eagle symbolizes both material (physical power) and spiritual powers (divine protective power) working together. An ancient map is engraved on the back wall and a dragon head ship on the back. The Viking longships owned by kings and chieftains often had a head from a mythological animal in the bow, it offered protection from sea monsters and men, bad weather and raids along the voyages.


Wood, Leather, & Copper


21" x 9.25" x 2"

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