About Raven Tree Works & How to Contact Us

We are local artists and makers. 

Shared lives filled with maker and art projects led us to start our own small business doing what we love, creating beautiful things. The ravens in our small lake community inspired our name and we launched Raven Tree Works, Inc. in 2020.  

We create functional art, big and small. Our gallery shows some of our creations. Most are for sale, while others have already found homes. Our work ranges from bespoke projects and small runs of art pieces, to larger quantities of event medallions and awards. We also create holiday and personal items, and can design and produce distinctive signs. 

If you see something you like and we don't have it for sale, contact us and we can collaborate on a design. We work in wood, acrylic, glass, stone, leather, denim and other fun textiles. Our materials are sourced in the USA whenever possible.

Clare & Corey Panno - Raven Tree Works, Inc. in South Salem, NY

email: info@raventreeworks.com or telephone: 914.977.3134

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